• Gerta Malaj


    An Albanian American immigrant in San Francisco, California.

    Education: Master's in Logistics Engineering at MIT, and Math at Wellesley.

    Currently: Building something new.

    Previously: 10+ years work experience including Cofounder of 3 ventures; Operations Partner at South Park Commons, a community + VC; Product Ops at LinkedIn; Health Tech Lead at Sanofi; SaaS consulting at Salary.com - an IBM company.



    • Trained by world-class negotiators like Ofer Sharone, MIT professor of negotiations, Harvard Law School
    • Deep expertise with job negotiations on both sides and insider knowledge of compensation best practices given previous employers include LinkedIn and Salary.com.
    • Consistently help job applicants increase their job offers by 5-6 figures, with the proudest win being an increase of $550K from the initial offer.
    • Have coached people from: MIT, Harvard, Wharton, Meta, McKinsey, Google, Uber, Tesla, Amazon, US Air Force, US Army, and other top institutions.


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